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Founded in the US state of Delaware in 1997, PharmStats Ltd. is a professionally specialized Contract Research Organization (CRO) with rich experiences providing statistical and clinical support for clinical trials and pharmaceutical development packages. Its primary goal is to serve clients in the pharmaceutical industry with top brain-power to produce efficient, low cost, reliable, and high quality outcomes in clinical trial report preparation and to assist clients in successful product development. PharmStats always takes the client's interest as its top priority. During the past years, PharmStats has provided such services to a number of clients and has helped clients shortening time in later stages of such processes.

PharmStats Ltd. has a cooperative group with rich reserves of knowledge and practical experiences in clinical trials, data management, statistics and clinical trial design, and registration experts. All our staffs are extensively industrial experienced with postgraduate training background. In the past, PharmStats has worked with a number of clients in assisting the filing of new drug applications packages (NDAs, PLA), hundreds of Phase II-IV trials for regulatory submissions and a number of such submissions have been successful and the drugs have been on market (North America and Europe). PharmStats has established harmonic relationships with its clients through these services and has earned clients' recognition in various ways. PharmStats has earned clients' trust and repeated business, and has been called "Mr. Never Wrong".

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