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Sample Quotation of Client Comments:
... many of our other submissions are delayed due to various factors in the timeline. Our NDA was on time mainly due to your tremendous effort and quality of the work. I am very glad I had the opportunity to work with you...
... Thank you - I know I can depend on you.
... They mentioned how impressed they are with the high quality of your work and how unusual it is that the team has the benefit of close one-to-one interaction with the statistician. This level of cooperation, commitment and rapid data turnaround is not usually found in the CRO industry so they thanked you (in your absence) in front of the entire Clinical Operations group...
... Thanks so much for your Herculean efforts and outstanding work.
... It is a pleasure working with someone so bright, dedicated, and enthusiastic.

We all hope you enjoy your well-deserved vacation!Again, our entire organization thanks you for your outstanding work!!

Thank you. It is great to have such efficient and responsible folks to work with.

On behalf of our team here, many thanks for a quick delivery!

I don't have a fancy card to send to you, but just want to thank you for all your hard work. It's been well appreciated that you always go a step further to find out what's behind the data and provide your suggestions without reservation. Thank you!

Thanks for trying, I think this should be OK. You're the best!